JUST.Go-Languages provides personalized language learning experiences.
Our comprehensive programs include writing, grammar, and oral proficiencies.
We offer challenging and memorable opportunities to inspire life-long learning.

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Mission Statement

JUST.GO – LANGUAGES provides personalized language learning experiences. Our comprehensive programs include writing, grammar and oral proficiencies. We offer challenging and memorable opportunities to inspire life-long learning.

JUST.Go – Languages is an SEVP-certified school authorized under Federal Law to enroll non-immigrant alien students (F1 Visa).

JUST.Go – Languages is proudly accredited by Commission on English Program Accreditation – CEA.


  • JUST.Go - Intensive English Course (F1 Student Visa)
  • $ 100
    • Full – Time Program
    • 20 hours per week (Monday to Thursday)
    • Suitable for people interested in improving all English Skills
    • Includes a combination of Speaking, Listening, Writing and Reading plus Grammar.
    • The course develops all 4 skills necessary for student success and development
    • Final exams are taken during the last week of the course
    • Copy of travel documents
    • Copy of Health Insurance
  • JUST.Go - Multi Skill Semi Intensive Course
  • $ 100
    • Part – Time program
    • 15 hours per week (Tuesday to Thursday)
    • Suitable for people interested in improving their language skill and enjoying their stay in Miami Beach.
    • Includes Speaking, Listening, Reading and Writing skill development plus Grammar.
    • The course develops skills necessary for student success and how to get by day by day.
    • Final exams are taken during the last week of the course.

Why JUST.Go Languages?

JUST.Go – Languages has been successfully accredited by the CEA.

Our school has a highly skilled team of teachers, who are fully trained and certified.

We offer a multi-cultural environment ensuring that students enjoy English in the most exciting and diverse ways.

Our clients can choose a variety of programs according to length, intensity, level of interest and specific needs.

Training in small groups and private classes improve students’ specific learning objectives.

Our school is located on one of the most popular streets of South Beach – Lincoln Road!

Come and study with us.

The best place to study is Miami!

Personally, I offer my gratitude to JUST.Go – Languages for the best Summer ever. I would recommend to anyone looking to study languages abroad to start in Miami. Visit JGL and see for yourself why this is a great school. JGL helped assimilate myself into the city of Miami where I was given opportunities to practice English all Summer long. My one regret is not being able to stay longer. My overall impression of the school is that it was an excellent one providing students with great experiences.

Mirka S., student

The coolest summer I have ever experienced… Big thanks for Just.Go – Languages for all their help. This school went above and beyond by not only providing insightful English classes, but also by helping me throughout my entire stay in Miami. Teachers at JGL are as helpful and resourceful as they can be. They will stop at nothing to research information for any accommodations you may need. Studying at JGL has been a great way to learn a new language and explore Miami. It’s a shame that I was only there for a month, but it was well worth it. I definitely plan to return soon.

Barbora S., student

Hello to all of you who are thinking about enrolling in a language course. Whatever your English learning goals are, I advise you throw out all hesitation and JUST.Go for it! Because this school has helped me so much, I find it important to share my experience with others in search to improve their English. I 100% recommend JGL to anyone seeking to study English in Miami because they have complied with all their promises and surpassed my expectation. Teachers at JGL are not only fair, but reliable and helpful during every step of the way. Class time is professionally planned to perfection to ensure there are no problems throughout the course. All in all, my English learning experience at JGL has been a great one! I highly recommend it !

Renata K., student

Practice makes perfect. Improve your skills easily.

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