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Student Visa

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The United States government offer F Student Visa for study at an accredited U.S.  english language institute. Before you can apply for an F student visa, you must first apply and be accepted by a U.S. institution of higher education that is certified by the Student Exchange and Visitor Program (SEVP).

Student VISA F1

How To Apply



  • Fill out Applicant form (link)
  • Copy of Passport (valid for at least 6 more months).
  • Bank letter or statement showing ‘proof of funds’, equivalent to $1500 per month of study.

Pay JUST.Go – Intensive English Course (F1) – minimum 12 weeks


Once approved:

  • After the SEVP-approved school accepts your enrollment, you will be registered for the Student and Exchange Visitor Information System (SEVIS) and must pay the SEVIS I-901 fee ( fmjfee.com). The SEVP-approved school will issue you a Form I-20.
  • After you receive the Form I-20 and register in SEVIS, you may apply at a U.S. Embassy or Consulate for a student F visa. (usembassy.gov) You must present the Form I-20 to the consular officer when you attend your visa interview.

You are welcome to enter the US up to 30 days prior to your curse Start Date.


Transfer VISA F1


How can I transfer to JGL school?


In order to make a transfer to JGL while studying on an F1 student visa, you must first make sure that you are in good academic standing with your current school and are enrolled as a full-time student in their program.


The next step in the transfer is to ensure that you obtain some sort of proof of acceptance JGL. Once this is completed, you’ll need to contact a JGL designated school official, and also get in touch with your current school official to inform them of your transfer, who will most likely require you to fill out some sort of paperwork that will release certain information about you and transfer your SEVIS record.

You’ll also need to submit your F1 student visa documents and fee history to the school you’re transferring to, along with possessing a copy of your current I-20, passport, and proof of funds. Also keep in mind your enrolment fees to JGL, along with a possible transfer fee. You must also obtain a new I-20 form from JGL, and report to the school within 15 days of their program’s start date to enroll full-time in the school’s first required session.

If you have completed a school’s curriculum or have been terminated from their program, it is still necessary that your school transfers your SEVIS record to JGL.


If you arrive in the U.S. at your school and decide to transfer immediately to JGL, you still must report to the school that you’ve listed on your I-20 form. The school official will then make a transfer of your SEVIS records to JGL’s school, and sort the rest of the transfer out.

If you make plans to leave the U.S. during your transfer process, you’ll still need to re-enter the country with your I-20 form that has the record for your enrolment at the school that you’re currently attending. You must complete your travel plans before your transfer release date with an active I-20 Form from the transfer-out school, or after your transfer release date with an initial I-20 Form from the transfer-in school.

For more information on transferring schools on an F1 student visa please visit the ICE’s information on transfers for F1 students here: http://www.ice.gov/sevis/f_1_transfers.htm


CheckList to Trasnfer to JGL


  • I-20
  • Academic Forms from previous school
  • Transfer fee payment
  • Course receipt.

Visa Change of status


If you are in the United States with a B1/B2 Visa, or another visa, JGL can issue an F1 Visa Change of Status. Our PDSOs and DSOs can inform you of the necessary steps to take in order to effectuate the change of status. Please visit our JGL school to schedule a meeting to receive and fill out the necessary paperwork to move forward in your F1 process.

Since this process may take several days and/or weeks to complete, please visit our PDSO and DSO with ample time in advance of your visa expiring.

Refund F1 Student

For F1 English students, if your visa is ‘denied’, your tuition (except application fee, express mail fee, Sevis fee) will be refunded only after applicants return to us the ORIGINAL I-20 FORM along with the Refund Request Form and the denial letter given by the American Embassy/USCIS.

Students who are ‘accepted’ and withdraw on their own do not qualify for refunds. Any ‘Change of Status’ student who changes their mind, abandons their program or starts another process does not qualify for a refund. For F1 English students, if you are terminated by JGL due to violations of the school or federal law (including attendance policies), no refund will be given.

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