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Refund policy

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International student compliance:

The JUST.Go – ESL program is accepting international students. Copies of the international students’ registrations are kept on file in the Administrative Office and in the online database. The Designated School Official keeps records containing the following specific information and documents relating to each international student.

Refund policy JUST.Go Languages

Failure to comply with school policies or being in violation of status, by any regular, International F1 or Local F1 Student is grounds for JUST.Go Language Centers to cancel the tuition without giving the student any refund.

All students must pay their tuition before starting classes every Monday. After a student chooses his/her tuition payments, s/he cannot revert to the previous number of weeks paid.Tuition fees are not refundable once classes have begun. Refunds will be reembursed before the beginning of classes and they have a process of 60 days. The student must apply in writing to request the refund of his or her funds.

The registration fee is nonrefundable and nontransferable.

International F1 students must return all forms and documents given to them in order to receive a refund, including the Certificate of Eligibility for Nonimmigrant (F1) Student Form I-20.

School-transfer students have 10 days from the registration date to claim a tuition refund. If the student has registered and paid tuition and has began classes before the 10 day period is over no refund will be given.

All cancellation and refund requests must be submitted to JUST.Go Language Centers in writing, using the internal refund form.

No refunds will be made without an original receipt.

Refunds will be made only to the person, company or agency that paid the school. If the student paid for a program through an agency, s/he must apply directly to that agency for a refund. Not Just-Go languages.

Refunds will be processed within 60 days.

The refund will be made in the form of a check unless the student paid the tuition with a credit card; then the card will be credited (It is important that students verify their address, so the refund is sent to the correct address.).

If a student paid by wire transfer, JUST.Go Language Centers will refund by wire, but a wire transfer fee will be charged to the student. 50 dollar fee for wire transfer.

If a student applies for change of status and decides to cancel the process later, s/he has to pay a $25.00 cancellation fee.

If a student applies for change of status and decides to start classes before receiving the change of status approval from USCIS, s/he does not qualify for a tuition refund.

If a student who entered the U.S. with  JUST.Go Language Centers I-20 decides to go back to his/her country, s/he must pay a cancellation fee of $100.00.

Refunds that are requested to be paid to a person other than the student who applied for the refund must include a letter from the student authorizing JUST.Go Language Centers to make the check payable to the person indicated on the refund application. A valid I.D. of the person must be presented when claiming the check.

The accommodation fee reimbursement will be subject to the terms as stated in the housing application from housing providers.

Students who withdraw or fail to enter before their courses begin are entitled to a tuition refund of any payments previously made toward a study program. This refund will be made within 60 days of the written notification of the cancellation or, at the student’s request, will be applied to future classes’ tuition.

If a student has begun classes, the tuition payment will not be reimbursed except for the following criteria:

Four weeks or less: the tuition payment is not refundable, not transferable and the student is not eligible to make up for any lost class time.

More than four weeks: If a student has attended more than four weeks but less than the full term s/he registered for but is past the mid-point, JUST.Go-Language Centers may be entitled to retain all of the charges for that term. If a student withdraws after the four weeks but before the mid-point, JUST.Go Language Centers may retain a prorated tuition amount.

Students will receive full reimbursement before starting classes, otherwise he or she will not be elegible for refunds except if he has been studying for more the 1 week but conditions apply.

Non-refundable fees:

Registration fee: $ 100

Accommondation fees if applicalble: $ 150

Books can be purchased at the school starting $ 30 -70 as well as Cd’s and videos with costs ranging from 35 to 60 dollars.


School or agent is not liable for any damage or financial loss or failure to comply with basic requirements for study abroad.

Cancellation Policy Amazon, Groupon, Living Social or other limited offers:

No cancellations are entertained for those courses which are offered under promotional prices like Groupon, Living Social and Amazon. These are limited occasion offers and therefore cancellations are not possible.

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