Students are placed in different levels based on placement test results. Grammar is offered in 6 levels. A student enrolled in the Intensive program should aim to complete one level in two 4 week sessions.

Speaking/Listening and Reading/Writing classes are grouped into three levels (Beginner, Intermediate, and Advanced). Students should aim to complete 1 level in four 4 week sessions. Students must achieve a minimum of passing grade of 70%

Final grades are valuated as follows:


Guideline for Student Progress

At the end of each four week session, all students are given a progress test to determine their eligibility to advance to the next level. Students must achieve the Student Learning
Outcomes at a rate of 70% or higher as measured by the Progress Test in order to consider the level mastered. In the event that a student scores 70% or higher, the instructor will
recommend the student “Advance” to a higher level. If they score lower than 70%, they will “Continue” in the same level.