A student enrolled in any program is required to maintain an 80% cumulative attendance in the classroom. Failure to meet the attendance standards may result in dismissal from your program.

Late Arrivals and Early Departures:
Each instructor will track classroom attendance. If a student arrives more than fifteen minutes late or leaves more than fifteen minutes early, they will be marked late (L). Students will receive one absence (/) if they accumulate four lates (L).

Probationary Status for Attendance

A student who fails to meet the 80% attendance requirement for their program will be given a written warning. A student will be required to meet immediately with their Student Advisor or Academic Lead to develop plan of action in order to reach the 80% attendance requirement within 10 weeks.
If a student does not achieve an 80% attendance within 10 weeks of receiving a warning they will be placed on probation. They must meet immediately with their academic lead to review and modify their action plan.
If a student does not achieve 80% attendance within 10 weeks of being placed on probation, the student will be dismissed from their program.
When a student has cause to appeal any actions based on attendance or grading, they must do so in writing to their academic lead within 10 business days. The appeal will be considered by the Academic Lead and campus leaders. A decision will be communicated to the student within 10 business days.