On world famous Lincoln Road, in the heart of South Beach. Just.Go is upstairs from shopping and restaurants or a 320 meter walk to white sand beaches with crystal clear, warm water.

Mission Statement

JUST.Go-Languages provides personalized language learning experiences.
Our comprehensive programs include writing, grammar, and oral proficiencies.
We offer challenging and memorable opportunities to inspire life-long learning.

CEO´s Message:
I am not a teacher, but for many years I was an international student in several countries. Based on many years of experience, I decided to use my knowledge and skills for the benefit of international students who are trying to learn languages in foreign countries.

My main goal is to bring to the world of language schools a new perspective and a fresh look at how languages are taught and learnt not only from the teachers and language professionals’ perspective but also from the students’ standpoint. I want the students to achieve competency and be successful at learning the language with in the shortest possible time and to have a feeling of accomplishment and confidence when expressing themselves in another language.

All teachers are most pleased when their students successfully handle the subject matter of learning a foreign language, but not every teacher and every student will achieve this, but I believe that after finding the connections and creating a common bond between the teacher and the student it can be done.

My advantage is that I can assess the learning of the language not from the perspective of a teacher but mainly from the student’s perspective. I believe that this assessment will bring to the world of language schools a new and pleasant view which will help to simplify the process of learning a foreign language

PS: My greatest satisfaction comes from knowing my students and seeing them smile after understanding the spoken joke in a foreign language. 🙂

Jaroslav Kříž CEO of JUST.Go-Languages